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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

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I have two vertebrae smashed together in my neck. This has debilitated me quite a bit this past year. A wonderful chiropractic/physical therapy combination office has allowed me to bypass surgery and avoid pain pills. Having finally found the right direction to go in order to address this issue, I can function enough to do some of the activities that I really enjoy. Gardening is one of the great loves of my life.

After deciding to move the garden, we only had digging to look forward to and therefore procrastinated. This is positively not the fun part. We finally set up to start working this past weekend and the weather decided to mimic a sauna.

So, the area was staged and a sprinkler set up to soften that area. Then it rained the next day. Yesterday, I tested the waters (thick red clay soil) and was absolutely amazed at how easy it was to dig when moist.

Starting the Garden

The surge of my home office graphics work is over for now, so I’ll take advantage of this morning and work outside. The tiller gets too clogged if you try to start with that, so digging and de-weeding is the first thing to do.

This was not the best idea. I am still making a mental list of the parts to my favorite activities I must ban. One third of the garden is dug and now void of plant life, but the digging part is too much for my neck. I must have my husband do that part before I de-weed.

1/3 long garden turned

Lettuce, spinach and other cool weather vegetables (Spring crop) will have to be skipped, but there is plenty of growing time left. Our summer choices for the garden will be covered in our next blog.

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Our Nanny goat is named “Olivia”. She is due to “kid” soon. Nanny = a female adult goat that can be successfully bred. To kid is to give birth to a baby goat(s). If she has a girl, it will be called a Doe and a boy would be called a Billy.

In order to produce milk, a nanny must become a mother. This is called “Freshening” your goat. After the kids are weaned, you may continue the production by milking for your own use.

Some people start by milking their goat and bottle feeding the kids. This way the milk can be shared right away. Either way, you can make cheese.

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Take a quick look at the incubation process, if you choose it instead of consumption. These are Chinese Painted Quail eggs, birds most often referred to, somewhat incorrectly, as Button Quail. If you like instant gratification, this is as close as you will get, since these eggs can hatch after about 2 weeks.


The result is just the size of a quarter. They become full size (4″-5″) at 6-8 weeks. Shortly thereafter these now adult quail will start to lay and quickly populate the world with their wind-like whistling calls.


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