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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

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The Main Ingredient in this Weekend’s Farmette 1769 Recipe is
Farmer’s Market Humanely Raised Rabbit Meat.


This is not where meat comes from. It has been neatly packaged for your consumption. I was raised with this. At some point I was a vegetarian and I still eat many vegetarian meals right now. But, humans existence today happened because we are omnivores, giving us a major advantage over other mammals. When meat is scarce, we can switch to plant-based food and vice versa. Our two-legged, tall, mostly hairless, sweat gland filled bodies, give us the ability to follow prey until they are more worn down than us. So, having said all that about my omnivorous diet…


Would you rather your meat come from here?


Or here?

The meat used for today’s recipe blog post was procured from the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market. The man that I purchased one rabbit’s worth of meat from, raises, butchers, and sells this there on the weekends.

Albeit with protest from a dear friend of mine, that now thinks I am a #savage pet #rabbit eater, here is this weekend’s farmette recipe:


Marinate Rabbit Meat in a bowl with the following flavorful ingredients using whatever amount strikes your fancy.

Lemon Juice
Olive Oil
Fresh Chopped Garlic


Then, just put it on the grill or roast it in you oven.


It not only looks, but tastes a lot like chicken. Rabbit meat has a gamey flare. It is a bit more difficult to get off the bone than poultry, due to muscle tone. The first time that I ate rabbit meat, was breaded and deep fried. It was great! I would have eaten it more often over the years if it was more readily available. But, now, I have not only found a source for rabbit meat, but one that does not factory raise or slaughter the animal.

Happy Weekend Cooking! :)MMW



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It’s Strawberry Season! Yeah!!!

Get some from the grocery store, farmer’s market or pick your own fields. Then…


1. Fresh Strawberries

Wash the strawberries.
Then pull the stems out and chop the opposite tip off.
Slice them up and then cut those slices in half.

2. Organic Cane Juice Sugar. White Refined Sugar is fine also (It’s desert, and not supposed to be good for you).

Add a teaspoon or two to your bowl of lovely strawberry slices.

3. Honey (Local if at all possible)

Use a heaping tablespoon full.


4. Angel Food Cake – Buy One

I bake things like Banana Bread and Oatmeal Cookies. They do not take a lot of skill. That is where my cooking abilities end and my baking attempts begin. I LOVE to COOK. I LIKE to BAKE. If you LOVE to BAKE, have at it ANGEL FOOD CAKE.


5. Powdered Sugar

If I was feeling industrious, which I was not, I would have used the organic sugar and run it through the blender. You can do this with any type of sugar to turn it into powder. I keep some refined, prepared, store-bought, powdered sugar in a kitchen cabinet that is dedicated to baking and salads (nuts, raisins, baking powder, etc.). It is handy in a pinch.


6. Ready Whipped Cream – Buy this too


How to Make Perfect Whipped Cream Every Time

What better way is there to celebrate Strawberry Season than with Strawberries & Cake?

It is early on Sunday morning. You still have time to go out and get your supplies for a simple after dinner treat.

Tune in next Weekend for Monica’s BBQ Grilled Rabbit

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Easy Farmette Dinner:

Boneless, Skinless Chicken Breasts coated with One Whisked Egg, White Wheat Flour and then fried in Vegetable Oil.

Steamed Bok Choy

Baked Sweet Potatoes (with Butter!)


And for the farmette’s chickens (and duck):

Kitchen scraps of salad greens, kidney beans, corn, broccoli and breaded fish nuggets. The chickens, and the duck, loved the fish! They came back for the greens later.



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Chop up 1 Large Napa/Chinese Cabbage and 3 or 4 Green Onions.

Kimchi_2Rinse the Cabbage with Water in a Strainer.


Cover with a bunch of Salt (1 measuring cup full maybe).


Use your clean hands or a big spoon to toss. Your Cabbage pieces should now be wet and thoroughly salted.


Let the Cabbage sit for 20-30 Minutes.


You will see that the Cabbage shrinks down as moisture is drawn out by the Salt.


Then rinse and strain your Cabbage.


Add spices. I use Cayenne pepper, Green Onions, freshly chopped Garlic…


For this batch I included some whole Thai Peppers. Mix all of your flavorings in with the cabbage.


Put everything in a large glass or plastic Jar with a firmly fitting lid. Let it sit out at room temperature for 3-7 days, depending on how rich you like your Kimchi.

I was taught this recipe while living in Germany 30 years ago by a Korean neighbor friend. So, this is an authentic Korean Kimchi recipe from an indirect source.

Notes: There are many variations on this recipe including your main vegetable.
Also, you can add ingredients like ginger or preserved fish.

Happy Weekend Warrior Cooking!






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