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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

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What I want this year is to get back up on my horse.

The Big Man Dakota sporting his shaggy winter coat

The Big Man Dakota sporting his shaggy winter coat

“The Big Man Dakota” (I call him “Bigs”) is officially a pony, measuring 14 hands even. The standard for a horse starts at a height of 14.2 HH (at the withers).

While the weather is nasty and cold, I am slowly beginning stretching exercises, attempting to get my bad, upper spine to be more flexible and less painful.

This is quite the uphill battle, since progress can be non-existent at times. It seems that every day I am back to square one (I know – everyone is tired of hearing me whine). If I were a horse I could whinny instead, which is a much more pleasant sound.

Pony Stallion Yell Plus Bonus Duck Quacks

My Quarter pony’s yell is much more about getting food than his attachment to me. Yet, Bigs does trust me. That took quite some time. He arrived here as a blind, 5-year old stallion, and the blindness due to the frustration of his original owner.


Yes, Bigs is a stallion aka intact male. There are two mares across the way, yet Bigs has never attempted to visit them. Blind or not, 90% of stallions would try. Due to his calm demeanor, it seemed pointless to take anything else away from him.

Rocky the pony is already inside, taking advantage of the run-in with its new weather-proofing  (readied for the Arctic blast of Jan. 6, 2014).

Rocky the pony is already inside, taking advantage of the run-in with its new weather-proofing
(readied for the Arctic blast of Jan. 6, 2014).

Bigs's tendency towards claustrophobia leaves him hesitant of the change, but grain coaxes him in shortly after sunset.

Bigs’s tendency towards claustrophobia leaves him hesitant of the change, but grain coaxes him in shortly after sunset.

Although sightless, Bigs functions well and sometimes acts as if he can see things coming. It has taken me up to 45 minutes to get his bridle and bit on. He tosses his head about with a total lack of cooperation (even with a Hackamore). I have a feeling this is why the former owner got so upset with him.

Blind Pony Navigates Pasture

Bigs can’t see, so he has the fields memorized by feel, getting around quite well. He no longer breaks through fences in a panic. He no longer flees from being patted. Bigs’s overall behavior is actually quite good. I can get easily get on his back and could likely lay down to take a nap too.


I purchased a very cool, used, close-contact training saddle this past fall of 2013. My aches and pains, enhanced by stress and aggravation got the better of me this season, so I only completed a parked test drive. It fits well and will work for both Bigs and I splendidly, once my hurdles ahead are cleared. In the meantime, Bigs and his companion Shetland pony “Rocky” will keep themselves busy doing what they do best – eating.


Being already run down from physical unrest, my hair-trigger temper has lately become long-term negativity. It has me wrapped up in my own mind, unable to break free of disparity in the human world. There are 7 billion people on the planet. Half of them live without running water or electricity. Therefore they have little or no access to health care, education, law enforcement, transportation, etc.

As one who attempts to follow Buddhist teachings, I must continue to practice not only patience, but also perseverance – and with this new year of 2014, get back up on that horse (pony).

nota bene: I am not looking for a Pep Rally. There is no need for anyone to cheer me on. If I get back up on that pony, that is what the future will bring. If I don’t, something else will happen next.

Chinese New Year 2014 begins January 31, 2014


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It is my favorite time of the day. It is quiet. The dew drenches the grass so much that my travels through it leave an obvious path. The smaller birds are flitting about in the bushes near the front door.

That door opens to a view of the pasture. Most days are so busy, that it is difficult to take a moment to soak in the view. I need to just stop. It is right here. It is the time to just look and listen and smell and breathe.

I always loved the city in the morning too. The sounds of construction overriding the chatter of office workers as they scurried into tall office buildings. Steam rising as the sun starts to shine on the asphalt. Late night leftovers stumbling back home, manage to gift a passing smile. But it is a different kind of love out here on the country roads. It was silently overwhelming at first.

When it is too quiet, the sound of the roosters’s calls comfort me. They are voicing their presence, calling to their hens. They are telling them, that when the dawn comes, they will be protected. Their crows start just before the light changes in the sky. The vulnerability of the darkness will be over soon.

And then I wake fully, and walk outside, and do stop to take in that view. “Bigs” is usually waiting. He is blind, but he can feel the vibrations of my footsteps through the ground. He perks his ears – listening, smelling, breathing.


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Yesterday, on my husband’s day off, he got on a mission to take on the old barn. He started off removing boards for us to cut into sizes for the exterior of the new barnette. He just kept going. I joined in as his assistant (I have gotten more careful about my healing from surgery vs. how far to push my limits). That worked well since today I am not paying for doing too much.

I really should have gotten a pic of Jamie. He was decked out in a very sexy outfit of shorts and rubber boots (LOL). Although not much of a fashion statement, I often wear the same thing in the warmer weather when working outside.

The only thing that went wrong was that this raw enthusiasm happened as rain was coming in. I looked out the window this morning at Big Man (dressed in his raincoat luckily) to see torrential rain with nothing for him to seek shelter in. Luckily, the temperature is in the 60’s on this 7th day of December here in NC.

But, the temperature is going to drop as the day progresses all the way down to 30 degrees. The last pic shows our two car garage with only one thing parked in it until we get those boards up on the new shelter.


Just a frame left now

Going down

Bigs is confused. (Also, note the giant hole in Bigs's jacket that Rocky, the grumpy Shetland pony, tore open. Thanx Rocky!)

Getting materials out of the pasture

Back to the garage for sizing...


Bigs being a good boy - in the garage.

Luckily, Rocky fits in the fenced back yard nicely with our goats.

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It is official. Big Man is a pony. His actual height is 56 1/2 inches which is 14 hands (and a few hairs) – under the 14.2 hand horse height minimum. However, he lacks the short and thick proportions of a pony. Big Man actually seems to fit well into Quarter Pony requirements (maybe we’ll join the International Quarter Pony Association). They state that known quarter horse bloodlines are encouraged but not required.

Big Man has no papers. This blind boy came from an unofficial adoption. After his “blinding”, he was kept in a small pen and seldom fed. A kind gentleman that knew of this situation offered to take him off the owners hands. Three months later, the new owner needed to downsize his mini farm. And so, “The Big Man Dakota” came to live here.

His name was Dakota, but for some unknown reason, we kept referring to him as Big Man. It stuck. He seems to like it. When I go out front in the morning, I call his name. He repositions himself to face the direction of the sound and yells back loudly with his big, pony voice.

The vertical red line indicates measurement positioning

For Reference: One Hand = Four Inches

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“Big Man” as many of you’all know, is our little, blind stallion. Before and upon arrival here, he was petrified of nearly everything – every movement, every sound, every touch and even some smells. Despite that issue, he was a good boy from the start. This horse just does not have a mean bone in his body. Now that he knows that this home is safe, he does not fear for his life during every waking moment.

The Big Man Dakota has slowly, but willingly become “My Little Pony”. Big Man is such a small horse that he may officially be a pony. The next time that he is out for grooming, I will have to measure him for an official size.

Yes, I am turning 47 this month, but since I was about 4 years old, as many other little girls, I wanted a pony. I had the great opportunity to take lessons and then volunteer to exercise horses at a farm as a teenager. But, I never did have my own horse and certainly not at home.

As I planned to bring a horse(s) into my daily life, I told someone that I was having a mid-life crisis. They told me that I was just “Living”. It stuck with me. Life is short. Why not get or do something that you always wanted?

We had a break in weather over the past weekend and also Wednesday. I was able to take advantage of this to get Big Man’s mane brushed out and braided. Grooming is bonding time and good for the both of us. He was such a good sport that he got a special apple treat.

There is nothing particularly fancy about these braids. It was just a challenge for both of us to finish. And hopefully this is helping to build a partnership between us.

The following is a pictorial view of the result (Yes, It is time to wash his halter.);

Right Side


Left Side

Good Viewing Angle

Hard to tell that he is blind in this one.

Pretty Big Man

Big Man's Braids

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We are in our 4th year here in NC and on this property. Every year, we get more snow. Being from the North East, I am happy about this, even though it presents some challenges for our slowly emerging Farmette.

"Rocky" the Grumpy Shetland Pony

Rocky loves his grain...

The Shetland pony is well adapted for snow. He gets a Winter coat like that of a woolly mammoth. But even though our little horse/large pony, Big Man, gets an adequate Winter coat, his personality becomes an issue when the weather gets really bad.

He is a blind yet claustrophobic guy. When we first brought him here, he nearly came out the escape door in the trailer, kicking and yelling most of the way here. It took over a year to get him used to being hooked up to that trailer and the fence posts.

Big Man likes to be out in the open. Maybe it is because he can see a little shadow of movement in the distance through his glazed eyes. He also seems to be able to feel your vibrations in the ground as you approach.

So, it will be nasty outside and instead of staying in the shelter of the run-in shed, he’ll stand out in the middle of the field. Convincing him that the run-in is dryer and warmer with grain bribes helps a bit, but I still worry about the wet in combination with cold weather considering his behavior.

"The Big Man Dakota" also loves grain.

Now, the Big Man Dakota sports a bright orange turn-out blanket. Being a bit concerned about keeping his Winter coat intact, I purchased a 420/70 denier breathable jacket.

In the slippery, cold eye of the storm, I slowly and carefully made my way out to the pasture to check on how it was working in the snow. It looked wet in some places, but when I ran my hand under it next to Big Man’s body, he was completely dry and warm. Water was trapped between the double layers, ready to evaporate – awesome!

Big Man wearing his new jacket

After the ice accumulation overnight, I checked again. The moisture between the layers was gone and our little horse was still cozy and content. He was even showing off a bit, dancing around in the snow. It is hard to tell, but I think that he knows that the jacket provides comfort and that he is making a jazzy, fashion statement.

It was a load of fun to get it on him for the first time – a bit like waving a red cape at a bull. He reacted to the sound of the nylon friction like that of impending doom and got quite spooked. All that I can say is – soft words, praise and treats. These work like miracles in the equine world. Even the grumpy pony that takes great pleasure in kicking and biting his blind buddy appreciates these.

Now that Big Man has developed some trust in us, I think that we may be able to close him in a stall barn/shed without panic setting in. I am working on a plan that could be built with doors or without. Hopefully, we will have the funds for the supplies in the Spring. A scaled down version of what we really want should help it materialize.

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Our regularly scheduled blog has been interrupted due to a decision to sell our Horse Trailer. The “Chicken Photo Parade” will be continued later this week. Today’s blog will be linked to our Sales Advertisements for a 1990 Kingston 2 Horse Tall Aluminum Bumper Pull Trailer.

Right Side

There are people that love their motorcycles and classic cars. I love this horse trailer. Those 60’s aluminum camping trailers have always had a place in my heart. The trailer fulfilled my need for metal and horse transportation at the same time.


We actually purchased the trailer a while before getting a horse, literally putting the cart before the horse. It was very handy for moving here to the Charlotte, NC area. Once we owned horse-friendly property, we got a horse.

I have known how to ride since I was a teenager. Riding my own horse was something I had thought of often over the years. Not very long after that dream materialized, a medical problem of mine took over and my days of fast riding quickly came to an end.

It is not a bad thing at all. We have a 14 hand/6 year old blind quarter/arab stallion and a little pistol of a 10 hand/19 year old shetland pony. They are both so beautiful just to look at. How could I possibly complain? I’m still a 46 year old cowgirl…

I get to hack around with my lovely handicapped horse on the property. We even made it all the way down the road one day! But, we will not be doing any major traveling.

Since horse shows are not in our immediate future, and as much as I hate to do it, it is time to give up the trailer. It does not make any sense to let a classic 1990 Kingston sit out front, begging to be used.

Left Side

This Classic needs some things to make the ease of use better, but after I have the new electrical plug put on this week (I pulled the truck away from the trailer before unhooking it – oops), it will be usable as is.

The horse trailer has brakes and really cool lights all around the top. It also has working brake lights and turn signals. The pin hitch is easy to use and the truck hook-up will be included.

Two out of four tires are nearly new. This trailer fits extra large equine. One back tire will need new bearings before loading it up with the really big horses.

The trailer has a ramp. Currently it takes a strong individual or two to get it up and down. With a new spring welded back onto the base, one weak person will be able to raise and lower it by themselves. Also, if your horse is hard to load, it would be best to put rubber on this ramp.

Interior - Removable Divider Bars

We have been using a car jack to get it hooked up to our truck. A new trailer jack can be put on if you want things to be more convenient.

One of the escape doors won’t open, but we just get in with the one that does. It has a working key to lock it closed too. The front window crank does not work. That window is easy to open and close with your hands.

Interior - Spare Tire

The floor was redone. It is solid and safe for your horse(s).

You will be glad to know that this horse trailer has a NC title and current tag. It can be registered easily in any state.

On to the cost of this unique and rare 2-horse trailer. Basically, we’re asking Best Offer. This means Cash, Cash and Trade or Trade.

Cash is wonderful, but times are tight for everyone, so trading is completely fine.

Just to give you’all an idea of things that we are interested in, I’ve made a list. We are open to other ideas, but the following items are positively things we would appreciate:

• Pony Cart & Harness (our pony is 10 hands high)
• 4′ x 6′ road worthy Utility Trailer
• Old working Tractor (40’s, 50’s & 60’s)
• Shed/Shelter/Small Barn
• Hay Ring
• Farm Gates
• Fencing
• Power Tools such as a Miter Saw/Table Saw
• Round Pen

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