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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

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I’ve really got to get my act together. But maybe I just need to give in and swap Friday nights for Saturday mornings. Saturday morning seems to be working out better. I wake up rested. It has been cool in the am. It’s a nice way to start the day. Hmm…


I popped the top off the super today, and since the bees had not really started up full force yet, I managed to grab that feeder out without getting chased away and/or stung.


I also pulled all but a couple of top bars out so that I could see better in there. They’re not using them so far, so why not? If and when they choose to start using the two left behind, I can just add one at a time back into the mix.


Here’s a closer view of the little bit of activity above the main hive box.


Around front, they were just starting to wake up to the sun. It is shining on them from the south, which is how one should place a hive. This gives them a morning warm up and also backs up to the northern wind (they need protection from it in the winter).


The day is shaping up to be nice outside, although it will get somewhat hot at a high that will reach 88 degrees here in the middle, far south in NC near Charlotte.

Lastly, an up close and personal look at Farmette 1769’s honey bees.
See you next week!

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I’ve been letting “our” honey bees fend for themselves a lot. They’ve likely been visiting our gardens, our wild flower patches (aka bunches of weeds), and our neighbors gardens, and the ones down the road…

This pic and the following video (from this past Wednesday), show the lack of mason jar in the sugar-water drinker base at the hive entrance. Rain is coming, so I’ll likely add supplemental food back into the mix in the upcoming 10+ days of thunderstormed weather forecast.



I opened up the top of the additional space super to the main hive just now. Retrieving that mini drinker incentive is a no go tonight. The bees were less than pleased with me peaking in, even though my expectation was that they would be calm in the darkness. I may be able to sneak it out when the rain comes in soon. They’re usually pretty chill during wet weather.

What I am very pleased with is that the bees have started to move up into the super. They have not made any comb on the top bars (not shown), but at least they know the extra space is there. Maybe they’ll make some honey-focused comb soon.


But in the meantime,

Good night moon,

Good night honey bees,

Good night everyone!

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The first shot is of the front of our honey bee hive. The next is of the back. The back is where you want to check on the hive – since the worker bee guards focus on the front entrance.


I need to add some sugar water to the mason jars. At this point in the game, the hive is stable, but I still like to give them a food supplement boost, especially when it is raining. But, as you will see the first video, they are out and about on this cool-ish, misty morning.

The following pic shows what happens to invaders of the hive. That big bee is stone cold dead. I saw them wrangle a black carpenter ant down into the depths of the hive, but I didn’t get my video going in time to catch that epic battle. There are big red ants scurrying about, taking advantage of the sugar water drinker. The bees seemingly ignore them. I wonder if it is due to the coloring being somewhat like that of a honey bee?


I added an internal feeder to help encourage the bees to come up into the super. I’m not sure if this is a normal tactic. I really want them up there building comb and storing honey without brood, so that we can sneak some honey out late summer/early fall. I’m thinking I should read up on this a bit. Ours is not a conventional hive setup, so getting the correct information may take a bit of digging.


It took a lot of back and forth from the hive to get the video footage from today. It was me jogging off when a guard started buzzing near my face or hands, and then meandering back to try again. In the following video, I actually dropped my phone into the honey super. If you stay with it, you’ll get a pretty close view of the bees at a horizontal angle as I flip the phone up. It ends with my grab and retrieve action.

And lastly, a clip of what is going on in that top super. Not too much is actually happening, but hopefully I will figure out how to make more happen in there.


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