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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

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Bantam Ameraucana Pullet A

Bantam Ameraucana Pullet A was blessed with breathtaking colors. She is more than a keeper. I have not investigated showing chickens, so I am not sure if she is of that quality. But, she is a prize to me at the least!

There is actually a lot of interest in livestock shows, especially those that exhibit chickens. I wish I were not limited by my neck injury, or I would drive to shows all over the state. I know it sounds odd to your average Joe, but once you keep chickens, you can get addicted to the whole experience.

Bantam Ameraucana Pullet A - Head Shot

We purchased a Bantam Ameraucana hen that came with 5 biddies (chicks). This terrible hot weather has been taking its toll. We lost some of our birds including three of these chicks.

But, the two that made it past the critical stage are turning out to be real beauties. Unluckily, we do not have a cockerel or rooster of this type. And so, the search continues to add fill-ins to our flock.

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The problem with chicks is that you want to keep them all. Some hatch to expectations and some are surprises. When you cross breed, it is a lot of fun to see what will happen.

Two chicks hatched overnight. They are a cross between Rhode Island Red and Americana. The hens are the RIRs and a solid red-orange brown color. The A rooster is a splash mixture of colors.

The surprise is the stripes and both chicks are nearly identical. This indicates that we will probably get a consistent look for the cross, at least with this rooster.

2 Americana x RIR chicks

The markings will probably change with time and it will be interesting to see what they look like as mature  birds. So far, these seem pretty docile. Maybe these are keepers too. We must build more pens.

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