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A dinner featuring kabobs is simple to make.


Gather your favorite vegetables, with medium to firm hardness. You can use fresh or frozen. Please never used a canned version. Vitamins are lost in the processing, and they would also be too soft for the skewers. Fresh is Best! Cut your choices up into bite-sized pieces. If you prefer your vegetables softer, steam them a little bit before grilling.

We had these in these in our coffers.

Fresh Carrots
Fresh Tomatoes
Red, White and Blue Potatoes

I like to use as many food groups as possible in the mix for our meals.

Vegetable (Low Carbohydrate)
Fruit (Healthy Sugar) – Yes, tomatoes are considered fruit.


Boneless, Skinless, Chicken Breast Meat (cut this up into bite-sized pieces also)
Meat is for Protein

While I was chopping up the other ingredients, the chicken was marinating in:

Lemon Juice
Soy Sauce
Garlic Powder


Just throw your skewers on a fast start gas grill and it won’t be long before your kabobs are ready!

Charcoal is a wonderful way to grill these up also, but I did say QUICK.

PS: And C is for Cookie – After a healthy meal, why not have a few cookies for dessert?


This photo was taken from the back. Honey bees focus on the front entrance of the hive for defense. But, they were very active tonight. It has been raining a lot this week and I think they were glad to be out and about more today.

I stood off to the right of the front, since the honey bees tend to come into the hive from left front. My goal is to get zero stings during my Friday night filming.

I’ve only been stung three times total. The stings are all my fault for not wearing gloves or headgear. But it’s hard to take a picture with all that on, so I’ve been taking risks. Surprisingly, the hand stings (2) hurt more that my face/chin sting (1). But even the hand stings are tolerable. I’m glad that I’m not the honey bee in this scenario, since the workers die after their successful attack.

Happy Friday Night!


These photographs were taken last night after dark. It was chilly, so the bees were fairly quiet and cooperative. No mask or gloves are needed with this type of weather and time of day.

When I added a half circle of bees wax comb (attached to one single top bar) last week, the bees had already been busy building comb (right-white) on a couple of the top bars . That build has started to encroach upon, encapsulate and envelope the alternate helper framework (left -tan).


I’ve only gotten stung once. It barely hurt. And, I was doing something daring without a mesh mask on. If they are going to get you, they’ll try for your face, which is where I received my stinger. These bees are used to people and generally calm. Visit your hive often and they will let you get pretty close.

HoneyBees1769_A.jpgThe package/box of around 10,000 honey bees was brought home on the 18th of this month. The following is how far they have gotten with building the comb(s). So far, everything is going really well. I will have an article on the pickup through installing the bees into the hive soon.


With the hive top off looking down at the top bars.


The comb(s) being built (around the queen bee).


Another pic of the comb build. They had already started into their project when I put a bees wax guide on one of the top bars. It has been ignored as they continue with their original natural plan.


One last photo before closing the top cap down for the night.


Sugar Water Honey Bee Syrup of 1:2 for egg/brood laying just started. You can see the mason jar on the plastic feeder that extends into the hive entrance. There is also a homemade wooden feeder to the right of that…

See you next Friday for more Adventures with Honey Bees.


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(8 January 1942 – 14 March 2018)


We hope that someone whispered in your ear,
It’s Pi Day and Albert Einstein’s Birthday!
It’s a Good Day to Die.
Release yourself from that prison of a body.
Your loved ones will all meet up with you, in the stardust…


Our 1/10 mile gravel driveway has a dramatic flare for a few weeks every spring.
This photograph was taken one week ago.


This is our neighbor’s off the track rescue – Bella.


A flower plant at the driveway base of the neighbors place, the ones with the horses. I thought that it was a Wildflower of NC, but I can’t find it in the list. It must have seeded from somewhere close, since it does not look purposely planted in that spot.


And lastly, a beautiful mix of purplish-pink and yellow at
the front of a property a few doors down.

Note: It started out at 30 degrees when I awoke this morning, but Thursday will start a trend of warmer, more spring-like temperatures here in the South.


The Best Butter that I have ever had in my 54 years!


Sorry everyone, I flaked on my Monica’s Weekend Recipes post. And now it is the Start/Sunday of a new week. But since the weekend isn’t officially over, I decided to talk just a little about one of my favorite ingredients – BUTTER.

I grew up on margarine. It was highly advertised as the greatest thing since sliced bread when my mother was coming up. She was born in the 1930’s. It was so in vogue, that if real butter was the only thing available, they would include little yellow dye packs to make your butter appear to be margarine. So, yes, my family was margarine focused.

I think that I discovered real butter in my teens and talked my parents into buying it sometimes. At this point in my life, I only purchase the real deal. Julia Child always said, on her cooking shows, that, Everything Tastes Better with Butter! Both she and her husband both lived until they were 92 years old. I figure, it can’t be that bad for you.

Over the years, butter has come back into style. You can find many health oriented articles that tout butter as the end all, be all, addition to the mix. I just LOVE it. I’m thinking that eating butter all day long would be ill advised, but some is not only quite tasty, but good for you!

A day or two ago, I decided to buy the highest priced butter at our local grocery store – Food Lion. You get 2 pounds for $10.00. I have been eyeing it for a while and decided to take the plunge. Boy, was it worth it! I may just leave my husband and marry this butter.

Enjoy your week. Another recipe, and lots of butter, await!