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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

FE309020-7561-48A3-8BE8-445B1E72EEA3.jpegWe’re on the road, driving from the Greater Charlotte Area to the Greater Atlanta area. Before we hit the road, I took a few quick pics.



We just passed the big Gaffney, Georgia peach water tower. That’s always weirdly fun to see.


But back to this Saturday morning’s honey bee update. I popped the top off of the added super. There are some bees above the main hive in there, but yet again, they have not started using the top bars to hang honey comb from.


There is no intense drama going on in there right now. But, no matter what change or lack thereof is happening in our honey bee hive, it never ceases to fascinate me. I hope that all of you enjoy this peak into the world of Farmette 1769’s Honey Bees!


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