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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

I’ve really got to get my act together. But maybe I just need to give in and swap Friday nights for Saturday mornings. Saturday morning seems to be working out better. I wake up rested. It has been cool in the am. It’s a nice way to start the day. Hmm…


I popped the top off the super today, and since the bees had not really started up full force yet, I managed to grab that feeder out without getting chased away and/or stung.


I also pulled all but a couple of top bars out so that I could see better in there. They’re not using them so far, so why not? If and when they choose to start using the two left behind, I can just add one at a time back into the mix.


Here’s a closer view of the little bit of activity above the main hive box.


Around front, they were just starting to wake up to the sun. It is shining on them from the south, which is how one should place a hive. This gives them a morning warm up and also backs up to the northern wind (they need protection from it in the winter).


The day is shaping up to be nice outside, although it will get somewhat hot at a high that will reach 88 degrees here in the middle, far south in NC near Charlotte.

Lastly, an up close and personal look at Farmette 1769’s honey bees.
See you next week!

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