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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

I flaked on my Friday Night Bees – June 8, 2018 Post Article. So, here is a video that I took the other day. It shows our Honey Bees having a party with one of the sugar water drinkers.


In order to encourage kept honey bees to produce honey, you make your mixture 2:1. They seem to like this the best, since they actually compete at the jars right now. You can boil it or just add hot-ish tap water to your container and shake it a lot. Either way, let it cool down before you put it in your feeder(s).


This is my container. I wrote the different concentrations on the side with a sharpie marker. 1:2 for Comb Building, 1:1 for Brood Laying and 2:1 for Honey Storage (Sugar comes first in the ratio.). Neither the jar or the sugar are high end. You can use something that you would normally recycle, like a plastic orange juice container. And, store brand sugar is fine. Organic sugar would be nice to use, but it is cost prohibitive ATT, since the volume at which approximately 50,000+ honey bees consume it is too great.

Hope to see you for the next edition of Friday Night Bees –
which will hopefully happen on Friday the 15th of June!

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