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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward


I recently added a few knives to our set. We own a J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL or two. KitchenAid and Chicago Cutlery are plenty good though. They are all treats to me. The Henckels especially, are pricey, but well worth it. All of these have a comfortable grip, sharp blade and will last for many years to come.

If you love to cook, there’s nothing like a well made knife.

From Left to Right

  1. Bread Knife
  2. Pizza Cutter
  3. Cleaver
  4. Chef Knife
  5. Nakiri Knife
  6. Slicer Knife
  7. Utility Knife
  8. Parer Knife
  9. Kitchen Scissors

If you want to turn “I like to cook, sometimes.” into “I Love Cooking!”, maybe you just need the right knife.

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