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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

I didn’t forget, I fell asleep. But, before we have our really late dinner, here’s this week’s edition of Friday Night Bees @ Farmette 1769.

Pics @ 10pm


Overflowing front entrance.


This view looks inside and down into the top of the additional super, half height section, piece.

I did find out that the bees are supposed to swarm when the hive gets too full. They take the old queen with them and leave half of the population behind with a newly created queen.

Our honey bees did start to swarm last Saturday (around 2 pm). I was so mesmerized (and worried about them all leaving) that I took no photos or video of that. It was happening before I discovered that we would still have a working hive after a partial swarm.

I grabbed a hose to make it rain and discourage them from departing. That actually worked. Yet, the hive is still overfull. They have barely made their presence known in the super that was added last Friday. On last Saturday morning, I removed the queen excluder. This was due to the fact that there were only a couple of bees in the new super, as we got a few hours past sunrise. Obviously, they have not taken full advantage of the additional space,  despite the easier access.

Please tune in next week to see what happens next!



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