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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward


These photographs were taken last night after dark. It was chilly, so the bees were fairly quiet and cooperative. No mask or gloves are needed with this type of weather and time of day.

When I added a half circle of bees wax comb (attached to one single top bar) last week, the bees had already been busy building comb (right-white) on a couple of the top bars . That build has started to encroach upon, encapsulate and envelope the alternate helper framework (left -tan).


I’ve only gotten stung once. It barely hurt. And, I was doing something daring without a mesh mask on. If they are going to get you, they’ll try for your face, which is where I received my stinger. These bees are used to people and generally calm. Visit your hive often and they will let you get pretty close.

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