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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Kitchen Leftovers – Chicken Bonanza Feed

I’m running late again – even later than last week. It has been busy with spring happening here on the farmette. So, this will be a quick one for all those current and potential chicken keepers.

Here is a simple recipe, variable, which will help get your hens laying.


Kitchen Leftovers – Chicken Bonanza Feed

  1. Old, dry (not moldy or rotten) Bread
  2. A few spare Fried Eggs
  3. About a dozen Egg Shells
  4. Oats
  5. Water

Put all but #4 in the blender and blend on CHOP setting.


I added WATER to get it all to blend. The mix ended up a bit wet. Since I had a big container of oats already (the people kind), I added those until the mixture was a better consistency.


The egg shells will add calcium+ to your chickens diet and motivate them to start their spring laying. It probably helps strengthen their bones too. The fried eggs add protein and fat which is good for them also.

Get some chickens, reduce your landfill kitchen waste and get fresh, healthy eggs in the process!




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