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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward


Deirdre and Cecilia (aka Celia or CC) patiently sitting, Good Girls!

Our dogs are ready and waiting for this weekend’s Farmette Recipe blog post…

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Monica’s Weekend Recipe – #104

I looked up some existing recipes online for homemade dog biscuits, to get some ideas, and also to find out what ingredients would be dog friendly. Being out of town and without a vehicle during the day (my traveling companion started her new job), I was using the Halāl market/grocery at the base of the high-rise building. We had also picked up a few basic items at a supermarket chain store before settling into our AirBnB. So, I worked with what was available to create a brand new dog biscuit.

Side Topic/Note/Story
The Wonders of Coconut Oil

Our own dogs periodically have skin issues, so we use lamb and rice dog food to help with their sensitivity/allergy Iams ProActive Health Adult Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Dry Dog Food. This is great food for a good price and maintains their weight well. It helps dogs that have allergies.



We also give our dogs Organic Coconut Oil, Inside and Out. If their skin is irritated, this works like a charm and is around $5.00 for a jar. It is much less expensive than an extra vet consultation (albeit a vet visit is a good option also), allergy tests and prescription medications. And, it is healthy for your dog.


The “Dangers of Coconut Oil” out there on the net are not accurate. We use it for our pets and ourselves. It helps your immune system and adds a coconut twist of flavor to your meals.

I’m thinking that a lot of companies promote those negative articles to distract people away from cost efficient, highly effective solutions for somewhat complicated problems. There is a lot of money to be made from keeping pets (and people) sick and coming back for more.

Here’s to all the Great Veterinarians out there!

We are very, very lucky to have found our veterinary office, and Dr. Hovis is a rock star vet that is part of the practice there. He isn’t one of those know-it-alls, arrogant or condescending because “I have a doctorate which makes me live here up on this pedestal.” type of medical professional. He listens and learns from his pet people clients. And, when we foster/rescue dogs, he is extremely enthusiastic about it. I could go on and on about how good the care is there. It is also reasonably priced. We had our newly adopted cat break his paw in a freak accident. The appointment/xray bill was unexpectedly affordable. If you live in the Greater Charlotte Area, it is worth the travel time to: Dickson Animal Clinic


Finally, here is the RECIPE!

12 ounces Rice Flour
(One of the Major Ingredients in Our Chosen Dog Food)

6 Tablespoons Smooth or Chunky Natural Peanut Butter
(fresh-roasted peanuts and a hint of salt – OK for canines)


4 Tablespoons Flax Seeds


4 Tablespoons Aluminum-Free Baking Powder – Dog Friendly
(And, I’m thinking, better for humans also.)

Water (Please see instructions for how much to use)


Mix all in a bowl together with the exception of the water. Then what I did was, add a bit of water, a little at a time, until I had the consistency of cookie dough. You can always add more rice flour if it gets too moist. Use a cutting board that has been floured, with the same type – rice flour. Put the dough (I used half of it at a time.) on the board and flatten it out by hand, until it is about 1/2 inch think. Then use cookie cutters to make the biscuits. Put them on a floured baking sheet and then into the oven @ 350 degrees. Set your timer (a necessity for me since other projects are always beckoning me) for 1/2 hour. Cool. A cooling rack is not a necessity, but they work well if you have one available. I use one from our turkey roasting pan and one from our toaster oven set.


Voilà – Easy to make at Home, Healthy Dog Treats!

PS – Your Pups will Thank You for them!



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