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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward


I’ve had this metal cup for some years now. It is likely from Ikea, one of our favorite haunts. Meant to hang on a long metal bar in the kitchen, it has served other purposes since leaving the bar behind at our old house.


Having recently come across it at the same time that our door became void of its spring wreath, I hung it on. The idea that I had was to put things in the cup that were priced finds in the yard – like feathers or wild flowers.


Someone else had a more important use for the cup. I thought “Who read my mind and started to fill the vessel with moss and weathered leaves?”. I had not yet shared the plan with my family.


Then it dawned on me that a Carolina wren had beat everyone to the summer door decor. She was not going to leave a baby basket on the stoop. She was going to keep a family on the door. I left her to that task and found other arrangements to house my outdoor treasure hunt winnings.

One night, startled by use of the door, she flew into the house. It was quite the hunt, since she managed to visit every corner of the house before capture.



Cupped in my hands, the tiny beauty waited patiently. Then I opened my fingers. She flew back out into the night, abandoning her tiny eggs. The nest bin was moved to avoid further disruption and I crossed my fingers that the little wren would return in the morning.


There are many days in which enjoying the details of life in the country are out of my reach. I wake up to chronic cervical neck pain every day. But with life erupting all around, what choice do we have but to grab onto it, to seize the day?




Whatever your obstacles, and I know each one of you has many, be patient. The peace will come, even if only for a brief moment.

This is the time to look for a bundle on your doorstep.


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