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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward


Farmette 1769 gives us a lovely lifestyle, but it is not always pretty and certainly not easy. If you’re thinking of taking this type of life on, you must be willing to dig in and get dirty. I am grateful to be living this dream in a First World country with running water and lots of soap available!


What we do here is much too small in acreage to generate a viable income. Our little endeavor is barely a glimmer of what a working farm is like. But it is a small window with a view. Our experiences are enough to have an idea of what challenges real American farmers face every day.


Having said all of that, I will move onto the main subject of this blog. There was a truck commercial that was featured during this year’s Super Bowl football game. It beautifully depicted an array of scenic landscapes/portraits and told the story of both the triumphs and failures of large scale farming. It was terribly glamorized. A shiny, clean, new Ram truck struck me as something that would merely have a fleeting love affair with a farmer. A real down and dirty farming entrepreneur spends most of their time on foot.


Actual commercial aired during N.F.L. Super Bowl XLVII 2013

Even if we had enough land to become a “small local farm”, I doubt we would last long due to corporate, political, factory-farm smothering. The alternate video advertisement of the original commercial is more what farming in America has gotten to be. This version, although presented on a “funny” video web site, is a rather dark take on Ram’s naive broadcast about modern agricultural work.

Real world version

Both are very well done and “must see” productions. They are not long,
so I hope that you take the time to view them with the links provided.

Special Thanks – Dodge®, FunnyOrdie, YouTube & Huffington Post

The alternate ad ends with the words: “The word ‘farmer’ still evokes salt of the earth, American gothic imagery. And, from a marketing standpoint, that would be a helpful thing to associate with an auto maker that nearly went bankrupt due to mismanagement.” – Huffington Post Article Credit

PS: Farmette 1769 owns one small, semi-white, Toyota Tacoma truck – it is old, muddy and has a lot of dents. Pick-up trucks are handy items and I actually do recommend having one for farm life – no matter what brand.


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