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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

For a few weeks now, as dusk falls, it has been cooler. We live at the Southern, nearly-middle, point of North Carolina. Our lowered night temperature is in the 40’s – not freezing yet. It is mid-October and the leaves are starting in on their colored dance from tree foliage to ground cover.

Our two ponies now rely on hay instead of the sweet Summer grass they prefer.

A big round field bale actually fits in the back of our little truck.

Big Man hangs out in the run-in a bit more (but still not a lot) since the weather changed.

Some of the flowers, like Black-eyed Susan (Perennial Daisies) are dying off. Goldenrod is just now coming into bloom.

Summer Black-eyed Susan

Fall Goldenrod

We raise bantam (mini) chickens, but we do have one BIG rooster. I had taken him in as a youngster thinking he was a hen and not wanting to turn down an egg-layer. Since he roosts 6 feet off the ground and is mild-mannered, he has become our lone free-ranger. His job is to clean up the spillage grain from all of our poultry pens. He is enjoying the crisper Fall air while I wander around taking pictures.

Our “Big” Roo

The pic below shows some of our up and coming Spring breeding bantam chickens. They are nicely feathered out and can handle the impending coldness. This long coop was re-structured (after the initial re-build from nesting box to pen) to keep them extra dry, since WET + cold = DEAD.

Our miniature roses love the lower temperatures and are gladly gracing us with their blossoms.

Indian corn is an item that I grew up with. It doesn’t really seem like Autumn until it is hanging on our front door. We usually try to throw a Halloween skeleton or two into the mix of decor too.

Lastly is the main Fall display. Our son and I met another home-school group at Maple Springs Farm to welcome the season and pick out some pumpkins.

I am hoping that a few of these big vegetables will still be edible when November begins – contributing to the Harvest season’s celebration.

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