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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Our daughter, Eko, brought home a GIANT squash. A group of friends had a garden that produced the overwhelmingly large vegetable. It was given to the young woman that lived on a little farm – her family that lived there might know what to do with it.

This past weekend, I was reading about what foods were good or bad for arthritis, since I was having an especially hard time with pain at the time. We had gotten back on track with our eating habits, but had been recently partaking in too much meat, refined carbohydrates, fried foods and super cheesy things – again. These foods not only enhance arthritis but contribute to problems with obesity, heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Renewed inspiration to avoid these items and add some things like turmeric, licorice and ginger into some of our meals was found (the latter herbs/spices are natural anti-inflammatory plants). But the bigger task is to concentrate on bringing a lot more vegetables, fruits, fish and whole grains to the dinner table.

Eating healthier is good for the whole family. Where we live (in the USA) is overridden with advertisements of unhealthy diets. Our young son has been raised to eat well despite his picky pallet, but he is very attracted to fast/junk food. Raising children to eat well matters a lot. Good habits can stay in place for a lifetime.

I did not feel like wandering out to shop yesterday. Then, it occurred to me that a very BIG squash was still waiting to be taken advantage of. It was chopped in half. One half would go into the oven – intact.

There is nothing like olive oil & garlic.
And, yes, the oven needs a scrubbing.

Attention to the baked squash actually came second. It would eventually boast the additions of real butter, garlic, sea salt and lemon juice. So, to begin – after putting the first half of the squash aside  in a big pan (with the potential of a great meal), I turned to the second half that would be blanched.

I kept chopping halves until the squash had been broken down into workable pieces, and then sliced off the rinds (our goats had a party with them and all the extras later). I ended up with many cubes that were about 1 inch in dimension.

Then I remembered some odd chicken parts in the freezer waiting to be made into chicken broth. The chicken was floated in a colander in water within the cooking pot and removed easily when the stock was done.

A bag of frozen broccoli caught my attention while the freezer door was open. Some slivered almonds in the baking cabinet were calling my name, along with some fresh garlic, green onions and the Trader Joe’s everyday seasoning grinder from our normal stock of kitchen ingredients.

A little lemon juice may have been added since it is a common ingredient that I use, but I honestly can’t remember if that got into the mix. I cooked everything altogether until it seemed done. Merely blanching squash had changed into a whole other thing.

Farmette 1769’s – Squash Soup over Brown Rice

Super Yummy!

Of course, I forgot to take a pic of the produce before taking it to the kitchen (from its home on the book shelf). I think it is a “Golden Delicious Squash“, but am not positively sure. Please feel free to leave a comment with what type of squash this is.

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Bon Appétite!


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