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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

The first Pygmy goat kidding of 2012; Abbey’s twins are here! Her twins are not identical, but are both girls. With the exception of the last pic, all are up close and personal stills and videos of live goat birth. So, if you are squeamish, you should quickly scroll to the bottom of this posting to see our new girls all cleaned up…

Abbey started the kidding process at approximately 10 pm on Thursday night. We set up a video cam in the laundry room (too cold and wet for the well shed), so I was able to get some sleep on the sofa.

My new take on predicting imminent goat birthing; you know your doe will kid shortly when they look like an overinflated Macy’s parade balloon. Her milk bag was full, her belly was full and she had some moisture on what we will refer to as her “who-ha” (my husband uses this term when our retarded Golden Retriever Penny decides to lay on her back and show us hers, so hence the term).

In the morning it was the getting up and laying down and getting up and laying down and getting up and laying down and getting up and laying down and getting up and laying down that led me to believe Abbey would go into full on labor soon. Then some goo appeared on her who-ha. Then some mild contractions for a while. Then everything stopped. I worried a bit when her who-ha began to look dry.

I felt her belly for her babies, pushed a little and got a few kicks. Whew!

We kept our son home from school for the event. He took the following pic. I am wearing lime green clogs. Abbey is standing up. Dorian is on a chair with my camera.

A sense of time was lost in the moment, but close to 1:30 pm on Friday March 9, 2012, heavy labor began.

It looks like poor Abbey is going to explode, or shoot a rocket into space. Once you see that milky bubble, you know your nanny goat is ready to rock n’ roll!

The next set of media is video. These are five very short films of the actual birth.

Abbey did such a great job, especially for a first freshener. This term means that she is having babies for the first time, but more emphasis is placed on her now producing milk. Upon second kidding, does really bump up their production. After the third day, I may try milking her a little.

Pygmy goats are not a dairy breed, but this does not mean anything as to basic milk quality. It refers to quantity with some interest in creaminess, etc.. We should get enough for a little homemade cheese. I had made and never used a milking stand. It is sitting out broken now. Guess what I will be doing today!

Our little mommy was raised here from birth and was handled a lot, therefore she is very tame. It is a lot easier to mid-wife a friendly goat. Our new dairy goat BB is extremely tame, something that goes with the Nubian breed, so it should be simpler to handle when she kids in May.

Abigail bonded so quickly with her babies. They are nice and healthy. #1 AKA YoYo is about 1.5 pounds. Her younger sister, #2, not yet named, is about 2 pounds and quite a little pistol. It is so amazing that they come out so complete and able to play in less than a day. In the following video, you can see that they get moving right away.

In the morning, Abbey was let out to eat with the other goats (after the kids had their breakfast). Her babies were kept in a laundry basket until late morning, so it could warm up a bit outside.

Abbey, her mom Olivia and the babies were then closed into the straw filled shed. One side is open with half doors, but the kids kept themselves cozy in the corners. Abbey lay down in front of them, adding even more warmth. Dryness is the key when baby goats come earlier than the official Spring, and as long as it stays over 32 degrees outside, new kids do really well.

Our little girl goat Luna (who was a runt and is sterile) gets overly excited with changes in the herd, so the twins will be allowed out in the yard only with supervision for a few more days. They will get stronger and Luna will calm down.

We are going back in time a little. The following pics come before the laundry basket pic. Our son was so excited. It made for very cute photos…

It was a wonderful day on the Farmette!


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