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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Our little Serama rooster decided to hide the day I was taking pics of the mini flock. Today, although a drizzly, unpleasant day, I was able to get a few great photographs of the new trio.

This is partly due to the fact that they are in a small, above-the-ground coop that is easy to access. Our son helped with one of the hens and then ran off to play. Although this set was convinced we were going to eat them, I am happy with the results. The screaming birds were actually quite photogenic.

Serama Hen #1

The first one is a pretty little hen full of character. I purchased her and the other carefully from another closed flock. They have been in the front coop for a few weeks now, separate from the rest of our fowl, with the exception of our resident Serama rooster that we hatched and raised here. They are healthy hens, but I no longer take any chances. Even though it is a lot of fun, buying at an auction or from a trader is too risky. If an illness is carried in, it can take your whole flock out.

Serama Hen #2

This one is a cutie. She is getting very vocal with her protests at being disturbed. She is probably calling out to her Roo to save her. The rooster really made them feel at home upon arrival. He hovered over them with his wings spread out to help keep them warm. He did this as a young cockerel with the other chicks. Some of the roosters are quite the charmers with the girls.

Serama Roo's Unhappy Pose

Roo's Protest/Beauty Pose

Seramas can really scream. I suppose this will help keep predators away. But, the cage they are in is locked up tight. These little chickens need good protection so that they do not become hawk snacks…

And he continues the protest!

Little Monster...

These little chickens are very endearing. We can’t wait until their eggs start hatching!

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