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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

April showers bring May flowers… and stupid jokes. Our E-April Fools shenanigans (Facebook focused) story unfolds.

Re-touched photos were posted after the initial announcement: “just went out to check the barnyard. one of our goats just gave birth to a kid with 2 heads!!! yikes! if it makes it, i will post pics…”

"Ditto" the 2-headed goat kid

The original pics were from last Spring’s twin kids. The black and white girl “Abigail” and the tan striped boy “Billy the Kid” were both fine, healthy and one-headed. I also stole an x-ray from the net after googling – animal x-ray pics.

Original Part 1

Original Part 2

Yes, it was corny. A few friends chimed in and added to this tall tale.

We ourselves are pretty gullible. I think because it involves so much trust. And our friends and family are likely to trust us. We took advantage of that and of them. For that, we are sorry. But it is hard not to giggle…

My husband made comments to Facebook as if he were sending updates through his phone while we were at the vet; making sure she had two esophaguses by taking an x-ray, that the two heads might have resulted from some unknown source of radiation, that we hoped she would make it through the day, etc.

2 headed X-ray

Piece of Original X-ray

It was a busy day of errands and what-not, but what better way to spend our spare moments on April 1st than to try to find victims of our April Foolery…

“I’m cuter than my sister Ditto (I mean April – April Fools)”

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