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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Guess what I got for my birthday! What better way to celebrate the big FOUR SEVEN than with the coolest farm-friendly bird on the planet. They eat anything, just like a pig, and are winter hearty.

We had just been watching Freddie Mercury‘s last heart-wrenching performance of “The Show Must Go On” a night or two before we got the peacock. When my husband jokingly suggested that we call this breathtakingly, beautiful boy “FRED”, the “Queen” reference took hold.

Our guy makes a loud sound much like that of a classic car honking or a bike horn. Peacocks do not sing. His voice is not a music to our ears, but very enjoyable – nonetheless.


There would have been pics sooner, but after several days with no problems, our two guinea fowl hens decided to get territorial. They beat him up raw. You can still see the area at the base of his head which is void of feathers.

Freddie’s cage is blocked off with empty, plastic, feed bags. This helps top protect him from extreme weather, shyness and the now free ranging guinea girls that tried to poke at him through the chicken wire.

I was worried, since he is young and was not settled into his new home yet. But, with a heat lamp and triple antibiotic cream, Freddie made it through the aftermath with flying colors.

Curious Freddie

He is a young male, so does not yet have the long tail feathers. But, his long neck and legs are all ready to balance them out. Another year or two and he will be the pride of the barn yard.

Head Shot

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