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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Especially on Bantam chickens (mini size), HUMIDITY is the key to hatching eggs. It has to be really high (70%+) or the chick will get trapped in its dry shell and die.

This is mainly a pictorial blog. I will make a few comments with the pics.

First Chick of the 2011 Hatching Season

After the humidity was raised, this chick hatched just fine. I took the shallow plastic tray that the incubator came with out, and added water straight to the bottom. I also had a foil tray and a few small steel cups filled half way with water. This did the trick, bringing the moisture level way up.

First and Second of the New Chicks

Number two came quickly after. If one hatches, the others hear it and seem to “wake up” quicker for their own hatching process.

Eight Chicks at 10 Days Old

They grow very quickly once they break out of their shells. Water and chick starter feed need to be available at all times. CLEAN, WARM and DRY conditions are also very important for new chicks.

2 week difference - same parents

I am guessing that the older one is about 3 times the size of the one that just hatched this morning. They are together for the pic only. Different ages must be separated so that they don’t pick and maim each other.

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