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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

“Big Man” as many of you’all know, is our little, blind stallion. Before and upon arrival here, he was petrified of nearly everything – every movement, every sound, every touch and even some smells. Despite that issue, he was a good boy from the start. This horse just does not have a mean bone in his body. Now that he knows that this home is safe, he does not fear for his life during every waking moment.

The Big Man Dakota has slowly, but willingly become “My Little Pony”. Big Man is such a small horse that he may officially be a pony. The next time that he is out for grooming, I will have to measure him for an official size.

Yes, I am turning 47 this month, but since I was about 4 years old, as many other little girls, I wanted a pony. I had the great opportunity to take lessons and then volunteer to exercise horses at a farm as a teenager. But, I never did have my own horse and certainly not at home.

As I planned to bring a horse(s) into my daily life, I told someone that I was having a mid-life crisis. They told me that I was just “Living”. It stuck with me. Life is short. Why not get or do something that you always wanted?

We had a break in weather over the past weekend and also Wednesday. I was able to take advantage of this to get Big Man’s mane brushed out and braided. Grooming is bonding time and good for the both of us. He was such a good sport that he got a special apple treat.

There is nothing particularly fancy about these braids. It was just a challenge for both of us to finish. And hopefully this is helping to build a partnership between us.

The following is a pictorial view of the result (Yes, It is time to wash his halter.);

Right Side


Left Side

Good Viewing Angle

Hard to tell that he is blind in this one.

Pretty Big Man

Big Man's Braids

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