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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Gertrude and Bartholomew

We had the perfect chance to take advantage of homesteading on the Farmette. Unluckily we are a couple of chickens when it comes to meat. Being omnivorous, you’d think we would appreciate organic and very fresh poultry more, but our pacifist personalities take over when it is time to cook the birds…

Gerti and Bart, as my husband states, were given a pardon for Thanksgiving. It is not even a stay of execution, as our turkey pair is too friendly to slaughter – ever.

This goes for the rest of our birds too. I honestly wish I could do it. I sometimes think about becoming vegetarian in order to focus on truly living off of the farm.

This coming Spring, I am positively going to milk the goats and make cheese. And we love all of the fresh eggs big and small. We will always include farm fresh dairy food in our diet. But, we do enjoy our carnivorous tendencies. There is nothing like a rare steak, fried chicken or breakfast sausage. I have been able to prepare fresh fish. Maybe we’ll have to dig a pond and stock it.

It is not to hard to manage the processing of a fish. It must be the eyes. Fish eyes don’t hold emotion. There are no whites or eyelids or brows to communicate with. All the birds have to do is look at me and my drive for fresh chicken vanishes. But it really doesn’t make sense to buy it from the store when it is right outside our door and in a healthier form.

I have thought about trading birds with another Farmette owner or making some type of deal in return for doing the deed. A solution has not yet presented itself. The opportunity to learn to maintain our own food supply has been available. A really nice poultry farmer offered to show me how to do it. I still have not taken him up on it.

A family that we purchase quail from uses them for dinner. The birds live a normal happy life. Then these homesteaders just reach in and grab a few. Supposedly, the quail never know the better and are soon sizzling in a pan.

I think that I would give my intentions away. They would be able to feel my pulse racing and fear would be the very last thought in their little bird lives. But isn’t it better than the life led inside a metal building with no sunlight and thousands of other chickens trapped in small spaces? It is a dilemma. Depending on food production developed for the masses is not the direction in which we want to travel.

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