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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

October is here. Introducing our Homing Pigeon seemed appropriate to help celebrate this month’s holiday – Halloween. His/Her name is “Boo” (we think she is a her, but that is not a certainty).

This type of homing pigeon is often referred to as a White Wedding Dove. Although quite elegant, they are not really doves. They were bred to release at weddings. The idea is that the keeper gets their birds back, since homing pigeons, if trained, will just fly home from the ceremony.




Since we purchased our homing pigeon as an adult, her wing feathers were clipped, so that she would not fly away. She was also kept in a big crate cage, so that no predators could take advantage of her vulnerable state.

By the time her feathers had grown back in, she was pretty content with her surroundings, so the mesh door was taken off of her crate. She had no desire to go very far and kept very close to her refuge.

It has been at least a few weeks since she was let free and she is now spreading her wings more often and venturing out a little farther. Yesterday, I was riding hay out to the ponies on the lawn tractor and she came swooping right at me, just missing my path forward. If you were not expecting it, that might be a frightening experience, reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”.

Even more frightening can be the approach of a jealous hen.


Boo and Pumpkin


Pumpkin, a Bantam Americauna (from the Pic/Photo #7 posting), has grown up to be a spoiled pet chicken. Whenever I am in the back feeding the flock, she jumps up on my arm to get pet and babied. Her sister has been trying that trick out too. I hope that the whole flock does not copy them. One or two overly friendly birds is plenty.

Pumpkin actually attacked Boo, but I did not catch that with the camera – poor Boo. She succeeded in chasing Boo away and stole the show. She knew that this blog should be titled after this month’s holiday, although alternatives such as “Pigeon Chickens Out” or “Which Came In First – The Chicken or the Pigeon?” were in the running. What other choice did I truly have for a title with birds name Boo and Pumpkin?




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