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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

There are 4 chicks left (hatched in the Summer) to go into the chicken parade. Then we’ll be on to the adults and other types of fowl at Farmette 1769 (Yes, there are more of our feathered friends to account for).

Silver Top Hat Bantam Chicks

This is probably a pair. We have been lucky with the last of the warm weather hatching, by getting good sets for future breeding.

We have a Top Hat Polish rooster that is black with a big white plume. His hen is an off-white girl whose plume is shaped like a mushroom. She was a Spring purchase. We were able to get three of her eggs into the incubator before it got too late. Two of them hatched to reveal these Silvers.

They seem to be changing color to include some black. I am curious to see what the result will be in the end. Soon they’ll be out of their brooding box. The heat lamp has already been turned off, but I want to make sure that enough feathering is in to keep their temperature stable.

We get better and better at the survival rate. Temperate, moisture, feed/water and bedding are a few of the things that you have to pay close attention to. Sadly, you learn a lot when you lose chicks, but that happens less and less.

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