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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

The end of the Summer is upon us and the days are melting together. Instead of days, it makes more sense to count by Chicken Pics (Pic 9 vs. Day 9). I meant to fit it all into July, but all of the sudden, it is September!

I believe that our standard splash Ameraucana pullet is the last of the young birds from the Spring hatch. There are a few stragglers from the Summer that we hatched. We’ll get to those next.

Here she is:

Ameraucana Splash - Head Shot

Ameraucana Splash - Head Shot 2

This pullet is now starting to pick up some size, so she is housed with our Ameraucana rooster and Ameraucana/Jersey Giant hen (her parents). Her standard white Ameraucana sister was in there too, but she is a good flyer. She is hanging out with our free range Bantams. I see a tarp over the top of the standard chicken pen in the near future. It will ensure that our regular sized chickens stay put.

Our bantams don’t wander far. I am thinking of putting up a small fence to discourage them from trotting from the front yard around to the garage. They are sometimes tempted by the dog food storage. It is nearly impossible not to drop some when it is dinner time.

Splash Pullet

This splash pullet greatly resembles her father. I am not sure how often you need to mix up the genetics on birds. Hopefully breeding her back will not result in any two headed chicks.

As you can see in her head shots, she is at that awkward stage in her growth. Some additional feathers are trying to start on her face. She is a bit lanky looking too. By Spring, she should be a nice fat hen that lays big blue eggs. Since she has 1/4 Jersey Giant mixed in, you get the extra bump in size. Her mother, which is 1/2 JG and 1/2 Amer. laid the extra large blue egg that she hatched from.

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