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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

We just love our little Bantams. They are easier to handle than Standard-sized chickens and take up much less room. They are also less likely to wander far, so they have been let out of their pen for a few hours.

Surprisingly, their eggs are not that much smaller than your average chicken egg. We have ducks and turkeys and a group of Standard Ameraucanas for large eggs. That is plenty.

Although gives you and “add video” option, it seems to be limited as to the file types, so I have included a quick link to this clip:

As you can hear loudly in the background audio, the ducks were trying to steal the show. Actually, they just wanted more food for their bottomless-pit appetites.

The Bantams in this video are all Hens and Pullets with the exception of the Top Hat Rooster (Black body with a white plume of feathers on his head). The other roosters and in another pen so they won’t fight over the hens. The Top Hat rooster is a good predator deterrent since he is a mean little bastard.

We just purchased a new miter saw. This is a much needed tool for pen building. Hopefully, by the Spring, there will be a big, long pen or two with separators for breeding pairs. Until then, the Bantams can be kept in two groups.

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