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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

White Ameraucana Pullet - Standard Size

This pullet is white with some red, clay-colored splashes. She is also dirty from our red clay soil. Unlike many birds, chickens must stay dry to stay healthy. So, a bath is not the solution.

I was thinking of buying sand for the bottom of the main coop. This should give them the opportunity to have a dirt bath without the stains. Our chickens also get turns free-ranging. This is best done in the evening. That way, instead of chasing them, they will just come home to roost. You just have to remember to run out before you go to bed to close the coop door.

Hopefully, this will also help improve the overall dryness of that area. Parasites thrive in hot, wet weather.

One of our roosters has a pale comb. Worms are the most likely culprit. Him and his hens are now separated out. Everybody will get de-wormer, but this group will also get Tylan injections. I want to make sure that they are clear of any secondary issues. They were up for sale, but this has now been put on hold.

White Pullet - Head Shot

The white Ameraucana girl will be kept with our big splash Ameraucana rooster when she gets old enough. Right now, he has an Ameraucana/Jersey giant cross hen in with him. I am going to add an adult Blue Ameraucana hen back in soon.  The white pullet and her splash sister will have to wait until they are a bit larger to join the harem.

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