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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Bantam Ameraucana Pullet B

This is another beautiful Bantam Ameraucana pullet. She is pretty enough to keep, but not quite as striking as the one shown on Day 5.

Ameraucana’s lay a blue or green egg. These chickens, and crosses of these that lay the pastel eggs, are commonly referred to as “Easter Eggers”.

We have some of the Standard-sized Ameraucanas. Ours lay light blue eggs. They are usually easy-going birds, but one of our hens is a bit rough around the edges. Her female offspring have not carried on the fighting trait. Maybe she had a traumatic chickhood experience…

Splash Buff Bantam Ameraucana - Head Shot

The girl pictured is very friendly, as are the rest of the recently hand-raised chickens. Keeping track of temperament is important. Life is better when the chickens don’t scratch you up.

There is a Bantam Polish rooster that was hand-raised last season. Now that he is in with his own hen, he is somewhat aggressive.

There is only so much that you can do about the roosters. Their job is to defend their hen(s). The protective trait is something that you actually should keep a bit of in your male chickens. Even with well built pens, predators find ways to get in.

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