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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Beautiful Buff Orpington Pair for Sale

Buff Orpingtons are fairly common Standard-sized chickens. They weigh a hearty 8-10 lbs. All of our chickens are on strike now with the extreme heat (we took advantage of this opportunity to de-worm everybody), but the Buff hen normally produces medium-brown, faintly speckled, large eggs.

Buff Rooster - Head Shot

First up is the 1- year old, golden, Buff Orpington rooster. He is not aggressive. That is a good thing, since he is a very big.

Big Buff Rooster

He gets along great with everyone. There is another rooster in with him now. Although he makes it known that he is the boss, he does not beat up on the younger boy.

Second, but not least, is our lovely Buff Orpington hen. She is 2 years old.

Buff Hen Head Shot

This hen is not broody, so we hatched her chicks from an incubator this Spring. There were no surprises. They all had gold/buff-colored feathers with cream-colored beaks and legs.

Shy Hen

This hen was raised from a chick here and is also very calm. However, she is not very fond of getting her picture taken.

I hate to send these two off to another home, but we are expanding our Bantam flock. We’ll be keeping fewer of the Standard-sized chicken breeds now.

Today’s blog is available for extra information regarding the Sale Advertisement for this pair of Buff Orpington chickens. Questions can be directed through the blog or can be emailed directly to

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