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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Today’s special is a tiny buff-colored, bantam Cochin cockerel. He is a calm little guy so far. I really wanted couple of hens, but the two little chicks we got from a hay farmer both turned out to be boys.

This one is a keeper due to temperament. His brother was the same, but one of these roosters will be enough.

Bantam Cochin Cockerel - Head Shot

Cochins are normally a docile breed. We really enjoy having mild-mannered chickens around, since some of them can be quite aggressive.

They are a feathered-legged breed. This adds a little ornamentation to this chicken. We love our decorative birds.

We’ll keep looking for cochin bantam girls to keep this cockerel company. It will be a good breed to raise too.

A Popular Feather-Legged Bantam Breed

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