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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Silkie Showgirl Cockerel and Pullet

This chicken breed is already fascinating without crossing it with another. I bet that the person that created this obscure bird was absolutely thrilled with the result. My husband and I refer to them as “Dr. Suess” chickens.

These two are the result of a classic white Silkie rooster and a Silkie Showgirl hen. I was happy to get a young pair of these out of the Spring hatch. Although cross-breeding is fun, we also need to keep a stock of pure breds.

Silkie Showgirls were produced by crossing a Silkie with a Naked Neck chicken called a Turken. The Turken is a chicken that was made for easier plucking. It is not related to the Turkey. Some people like them for their unusual appearance. Silkies are bantam (small-sized) chickens that are bred for show and eating in China.

I’d like to get Turkens in bantam size. I’m not sure if they exist. They would be a great addition to our little flock of weird chickens.

Our bantams are positively growing on me. They lay nice eggs that taste great and don’t need the kind of room that standard sized chickens take. They are kind of cute too.

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