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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Our regularly scheduled blog has been interrupted due to a decision to sell our Horse Trailer. The “Chicken Photo Parade” will be continued later this week. Today’s blog will be linked to our Sales Advertisements for a 1990 Kingston 2 Horse Tall Aluminum Bumper Pull Trailer.

Right Side

There are people that love their motorcycles and classic cars. I love this horse trailer. Those 60’s aluminum camping trailers have always had a place in my heart. The trailer fulfilled my need for metal and horse transportation at the same time.


We actually purchased the trailer a while before getting a horse, literally putting the cart before the horse. It was very handy for moving here to the Charlotte, NC area. Once we owned horse-friendly property, we got a horse.

I have known how to ride since I was a teenager. Riding my own horse was something I had thought of often over the years. Not very long after that dream materialized, a medical problem of mine took over and my days of fast riding quickly came to an end.

It is not a bad thing at all. We have a 14 hand/6 year old blind quarter/arab stallion and a little pistol of a 10 hand/19 year old shetland pony. They are both so beautiful just to look at. How could I possibly complain? I’m still a 46 year old cowgirl…

I get to hack around with my lovely handicapped horse on the property. We even made it all the way down the road one day! But, we will not be doing any major traveling.

Since horse shows are not in our immediate future, and as much as I hate to do it, it is time to give up the trailer. It does not make any sense to let a classic 1990 Kingston sit out front, begging to be used.

Left Side

This Classic needs some things to make the ease of use better, but after I have the new electrical plug put on this week (I pulled the truck away from the trailer before unhooking it – oops), it will be usable as is.

The horse trailer has brakes and really cool lights all around the top. It also has working brake lights and turn signals. The pin hitch is easy to use and the truck hook-up will be included.

Two out of four tires are nearly new. This trailer fits extra large equine. One back tire will need new bearings before loading it up with the really big horses.

The trailer has a ramp. Currently it takes a strong individual or two to get it up and down. With a new spring welded back onto the base, one weak person will be able to raise and lower it by themselves. Also, if your horse is hard to load, it would be best to put rubber on this ramp.

Interior - Removable Divider Bars

We have been using a car jack to get it hooked up to our truck. A new trailer jack can be put on if you want things to be more convenient.

One of the escape doors won’t open, but we just get in with the one that does. It has a working key to lock it closed too. The front window crank does not work. That window is easy to open and close with your hands.

Interior - Spare Tire

The floor was redone. It is solid and safe for your horse(s).

You will be glad to know that this horse trailer has a NC title and current tag. It can be registered easily in any state.

On to the cost of this unique and rare 2-horse trailer. Basically, we’re asking Best Offer. This means Cash, Cash and Trade or Trade.

Cash is wonderful, but times are tight for everyone, so trading is completely fine.

Just to give you’all an idea of things that we are interested in, I’ve made a list. We are open to other ideas, but the following items are positively things we would appreciate:

• Pony Cart & Harness (our pony is 10 hands high)
• 4′ x 6′ road worthy Utility Trailer
• Old working Tractor (40’s, 50’s & 60’s)
• Shed/Shelter/Small Barn
• Hay Ring
• Farm Gates
• Fencing
• Power Tools such as a Miter Saw/Table Saw
• Round Pen

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