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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

The Silkie Showgirl and Polish Top Hat cross project has also yielded a very handsome cockerel. The big difference between him and the pullet in Day 1’s blog, besides his sex, is the absence of bare spots. He carries the naked neck gene, but does not sport that strange attribute.

Handsome Boy

Silkie Showgirl X Polish Top Hat Cockerel

These birds remind me of Chinese Crested dogs. They are hairless canines with spouts of fur. Some of them are born fully coated. That kind is referred to as “Powder Puff”.

Since this cockerel (young male chicken) can produce the naked factor and is such a nice bird, he is a keeper.

There is also another characteristic that is interesting. He and the others with the Silkie Showgirl mother have very large eyes. Two of the four chicks have a Silkie father instead of the Top Hat rooster. The big eyes therefore seem to come from the Silkie.

Enhanced eyes would be great to add to the mix of oddball chicken looks. This is yet another reason for this cockerel to stay at the farmette.

Along with adding more cages, we do need choose some of our chickens for sale. Some of last years stock will have to go since this years chicks reflect our current focus on ornamental fowl.

We cannot keep all of the chickens. It is advantageous to keep the numbers in check on this small sized farm. That way, they can be properly managed. It also keeps the feed bill down.

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