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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

July begins with parades and fireworks displays. It seems to be a good time to have a chicken e-show too.

In addition to taking inventory, deciding on the keepers and checking the health of each chicken, the parade of chickens is an opportunity to exhibit the individuals that make up our flock.

The Spring hatch chicks (ones that we kept) have reached a nice size. We’ll start with one of them.

The most ridiculous looking chicken we have been working on is the Silkie Showgirl and Polish Top Hat cross. Chick pics have been posted previously, but they are now looking different as juveniles.

Silkie Showgirl X Polish Top Hat Pullet

This one seems to be turning into a super ugly hen. In addition to her neck and chest, part of her forehead boasts a bare patch of skin. She takes after her mother, the white fluffed, black skinned, Showgirl Silkie chicken. But, she is getting feathers instead of the Silkie type down and looks like she’ll be sporting a 50’s style Top Hat.

Best Oddball Pullet

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