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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

When the weather is extreme, you have to pay closer attention to your farm animals. Water availability must be checked more frequently. Access to shaded areas must not be blocked. And, insects can become more of a nuisance.

Our pony and horse are wearing fly masks. The masks are well worth the $15.00. When the sky is clear and the heat index high, these help keep flies and gnats out of the horses eyes.

The Boys with Protective Masks

Even though it is not officially Summer for another week, we have been running 95 to 100 degrees outside. Young animals are the most vulnerable, so chicks are checked on three times a day or more.

If you have animals with long hair, this can be trimmed or shaved. One of our dogs was trimmed up today. Some animals are not especially fond of this procedure, so it is best done when you have time, energy and a lot of patience.

Ice cubes are a treat for your animals when it is hot, as well as baby pools full of water. Fans can help out in sheds and barns. Once a few simple tasks are taken care of, having fun in the sun can be enjoyable for all creatures, great and small…

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