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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Harmful Insects – Mosquitoes:

Many insects and small animals are natural predators of the blood sucking pests commonly known as miniature devils. To encourage predators to join you on your quest to lower the mosquito population, you can try the following.

Add bat houses or a light (to attract the insects to a specific area) to your backyard. Bats eat lots and lots of mosquitoes. Put up bird houses on your lawn or porch. This is a way of helping wildlife in exchange for natural insecticide.

You could also create a garden pond. Fish will eat mosquitoes if you add them to your pond. Water plants such as cattails and bulrushes attract dragonflies. Dragonflies devour tons of mosquitoes.

Shrubs and brush provide a habitat for birds and mosquito-eating insects. This is the extra added benefit of an attractive garden. The work you do will reap great rewards.

Local Honey Bee

Beneficial Insects – Honey Bees:

I was at the farm store today, and got an up close look at a wooden bee hutch. Being a farm geek, this was very exciting for me.

Even though I had read up on beekeeping on the web, I was confused. The parts of a man-made hive just did not make sense. It wasn’t until I saw it all in the flesh, that it all came together in my mind.

When we get started, this information will be passed on to you. In the meantime, I’d just like to say that the benefits of keeping honey bees is not only the honey, but the promotion of the bee population and lots of pollinating for your garden.

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