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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Snakes can be good on the Farmette. They eat mice. We get more than your average household due to the never-ending supply of spilled grain. Having snakes prey on rodents is very helpful.

Of course, I might think differently if I encountered a poisonous snake. This would not be a good thing. There are several types of these dangerous predatory animals in this region.

Also, yesterday morning I made a grizzly discovery. One of the ducklings was dead. It took a while to figure out what made it look like it got pulled half way through a pipe. My best guess is that a snake that was not big enough to eat this size duckling decided to give it a try. About half way through, it realized that the end of the body was not the same size as the head and neck and spit it back out.

A few weeks ago, we had found an Eastern Kingsnake when we were getting the garden started. She was about the right size to create this kind of damage. I must remember not to put ducklings out in the chain link pen until they get a little bigger. I was thinking about the recent coyote incidents in the area, but had forgotten all about snakes.

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