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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Top Hat X Showgirl Silkie

Some people keep stuffed animals in their office. I prefer real ones. Once the chick leaves the incubator, you can keep it out of a properly heated area for a few minutes. This little one must now go outside to the first bin. It holds the newer chicks and has a big heat lamp inside.

You can use a thermometer to test and regulate the temperature or you can put the heat lamp in a corner and let the chicks regulate themselves. They will move closer and farther away from the light, depending on their comfort level.  Since an adult chicken’s body temperature is 102-103 degrees F, the environment mimicking a hen needs to stay very warm. Therefore, the chicks usually huddle near the light.

This particular chick is a hybrid. Both parents are purebreds, just not the same breed. The rooster is a Polish (Top Hat) Bantam and the hen is a Showgirl Silkie. Our goal seems to be the production of the most ridiculous chicken the world has ever seen.

Exotic goldfish have been bred to enhance strange features, along with dogs and other domesticated animals. The nice thing about fowl is that you get the results fairly quickly without creating a lot of unwanted pets. The least that you are doing is making egg layers. There always seems to be quite a demand for them.

The best example of crazy-looking chickens that we have seen so far on the internet is the “Big Bird” chicken. I think we might try for something at this level of obscurity.

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