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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

The first two ducklings are out of the brooding bin and into the lot with our duck hen (the one who lost her drake). We will be adding two more when they are ready. Hopefully they will all get along OK.

New Duck Trio

The one adult that we have is fairly accepting of her new room mates. The introduction of fowl can be tricky, but is a bit safer with ducks. They can’t really use their feet as weapons and their beaks are curved. But they are capable of killing other birds. We will have to watch carefully when the 2nd two are added to make sure they don’t get attacked by the newly formed trio.

This should be enough to ensure a breeding pair or two. We are not sure if we will keep them all. It depends on the mix of sexes and how well they all get along.

The next set of hatch-able eggs will be either Khaki/Pekin X (cross) or 3/4 Khaki and 1/4 Pekin. The latter should be the best of the egg layers, although the 50% X come in at a close 2nd. In either case they make a great breakfast burrito (the eggs, not the ducks) or french toast.

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