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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Silkie Chickens have down-like feathering. They look something like a marshmallow and the Michelin man with legs and a beak. They have black skin and the feathers come in a variety of colors (mainly solid neutrals). There is an up and coming breed called the Showgirl Silkie that is a bizarre version of this. It has a naked neck.

Silkie Showgirl Chick

We have Normal Silkie Rooster. Although these birds are considered mild-mannered, he is not. I have to use thick gloves or something to block him with to get in his cage. He was actually a bit too aggressive for our Showgirl Silkie Hen, so he has an OEG Hen right now. She is not aggressive but can stand up for herself if need be.

Before the new matches were made, we did get some eggs from the Silkie pair and the first chick came out Showgirl!  There are several more from them incubating. I haven’t been putting them in the incubator in breed groups, so she is hanging out with 4 Chinese quail.

Silkies and other ornamental Bantam (small sized) chickens are a lot of fun to have around. We call our Showgirl Hen the Dr. Suess chicken.

We also have a Frizzle Cochin Rooster with wild curled feathers. He is in with a Cochin Hen, but she is not old enough to lay yet. She is not a Frizzle since F x F = death. They should make some nice chicks when the time comes.

Last but not least of the ornamentals is our Polish Rooster. He has a crazy top hat of feathers. We do not have a hen for him right now, but he is teamed up with our Showgirl Silkie Hen. We are anxiously looking forward to the results of this cross.

Showgirl Silkie and Polish Top Hat

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