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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Well, chick season is starting off slowly. We have not sold one. However, when I sold my Western saddle set, I gave them two ducklings as change. That was oddly fun.

This Pic is up on craig’s list presently, among others. These chicks give customers an idea of the types available.

Three Chicks

It is just a matter of timing. They will sell eventually, but I’d really like to avoid building pens right now. We may get to that this weekend. It would be good to have a juvenile chicken raising pen in addition to the big plastic bins for the small chicks.

I had to do some sorting this morning. Instead of having different types together, the two bins were changed to one with the very young and one with the ones that are older. Two ducklings were getting very big, so they were switched to a cage.

We are keeping three ducklings. Our big white Pekin Drake (male) duck disappeared into the Bermuda Triangle. It is actually more likely that it was into the stomach of a stray or coyote, but there was no evidence. We looked for the mash of feathers and found none.

He could not have just flown away as farm duck breeds have short wings. They are not bred to fly. So, we must keep a few of the ducklings in hopes of a new breeder boy.

Most of the ducklings are multi-colored, but a few turn out white. We have one of those now and we’ll keep him since we miss our big white one.

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