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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Please look at yesterday’s post Pic and you’ll see quite a variety of baby birds. There are Chinese Painted quail, Japanese quail, Pekin/Khaki Campbell X ducklings, Buff Orpington chicks, Americana, Americana/RIR X and Bantam X.

Half of our interest in particular breeds is how the eggs look. We purchased some fertile Japanese quail eggs since the eggs were so attractive. They are small and white dappled with brown. Hopefully the chicks will make it to adulthood and produce more of these tiny morsels.

Americana chickens lay light blue or green eggs. Two of our hens lay light blue and the third lays an aqua colored egg. The hens are all gray and the chicks seem to follow this coloration. The rooster is so multicolored that we hope to get a bit more feather color here and there as we hatch more eggs.

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