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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

These are certainly not studio quality photographs, but they give you an idea of what level of cuteness can be achieved with baby goats.

Getting any animal to stay still, especially a young one, is quite a challenge. I must say that they are easier to get pics of than puppies. The kids are not full of an unquenchable desire to lick you all over. They are prey animals, so the instinct to conquer is the fear of being eaten. If goats weren’t such curious creatures, this would probably be very difficult.

Our beautiful baby billy presently named “Billy the Kid”, will be up for grabs when weaned. He is quite a handsome fellow and it is all too tempting to keep him. Unluckily, one male is enough and we also don’t want two-headed goats created from inbreeding.

"Billy the Kid"

Abigail or “Abby” is our new little doe that will stay here. Hopefully our baby collar will reappear soon so that she’ll have her own. Her given personality is very friendly and she will make a good playmate for our yearling doe.


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