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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Mom, Kids and Luna's Tail

Within an hour after being born, the kids are wobbling around and getting their first meal. The Nanny is still working on finishing up the birth. The placenta is on its way out as her babies nurse.

Goats are nearly complete on their first day in the world. Their eyes are open, they can hear and kids even start to play. Our one year old doe, Luna, had to be separated later that day since she was a bit too enthusiastic about her new playmates.

We now have two beautiful kids, bringing our total of goats to five. It is very tempting to keep both babies, but the billy must be sold in eight weeks. One billy goat is enough to keep the herd going and we have to be practical. He also earns his keep clearing out brush, especially from the gully, but the girls can do that too.

However, we will keep the black and white doe. We need to give her a name soon.

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