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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Every birth is quite a miracle. If you think egg hatching is exciting, you are sure to find live birth a monumental experience.

First we’ll see Mom to be at the beginning of this breathtaking event.

Olivia - Stage 1

She has lots of Colostrum ready and full of immune system boosters for her kids. In a few days that will turn to milk and hopefully she will be willing to share. We are hoping to make some cheese.

Two sacks of fluid usually emerge first. The nanny has a tendency to walk around during this part until the hard work begins.

Olivia - Stage 2

Some goats stand and some lay down to push their babies out. Olivia decided on the latter. It was a good idea. This is just the head and front feet (in the sack). Sorry this is blurry, but taking photos at this time was not the priority.

What a big boy! When I realized that this was not the whole kid, I dropped the camera and got hold of him. Olivia had put forth so much effort to get this far, I thought that she might like a bit of help getting the shoulders out. Luckily, he came out smoothly with a gentle tug.

Kid #1 - Pic A

Kid #1 - Pic B

Kid #1 - Pic C

Kid #1 - Pic D

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