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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

Some of you may be tiring of the egg blogs, but hopefully enough enjoy them to continue. I don’t know that I’ll ever run out of enthusiasm on this subject.

Yesterday, our first turkey egg was bestowed upon us. It was such a beautiful piece of art, that when we received another today, I had to break for a moment from typing to take a photograph of both.

Turkey Eggs

Our girl does not have a mate, so we are looking forward to one of our big breakfast days to try these out. They are quite a bit larger than chicken eggs, so we won’t need many.

The turkey hen that we have is a Broad-Breasted White. This is the most common commercial turkey. When we find her a Tom turkey (male), it will be a different breed.

BB White males cannot breed naturally and insemination must be used due to their unnaturally large chest (great for Thanksgiving participants who enjoy white meat, but not for impressing the girls). We are not interested in “juicing” a turkey and also prefer to use a baster for its originally intended task.

Therefore, we will be avoiding the BB White and the BB Bronze type Toms, which are both unable to mate. We are hoping to find “Gertrude” a boyfriend soon in order to hatch some hybrid poults.

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