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Farmette 1769

by Monica Melograna-Ward

It is best to hatch eggs in sets. The chicks like company and help regulate each others warmth. The work involved is also concentrated and easier to track. Collect the eggs and let them sit in a cool location until you get enough to incubate. We incubate 4-6 eggs at a time from one hen.

The first Spring batches are started here. There are several duck eggs, guinea fowl, some Buff Orpington and a new Bantam cross that we are trying out. The Buffs come from a good looking and docile pair. Their eggs are good for eating and easy to incubate.

Buff-Orpington Pair

Appearance, health, size and temperament are a few of the things that will help in the selection of breeds that you’d like to raise. Temperament is important for us. We enjoy handling the chickens without being spurred and pecked.

All birds are territorial. Keep different ages separate. If you rearrange your groups, introduce them to each other slowly. Any newcomers to a flock may be treated as the enemy and summarily executed, even chicks.

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